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Quick Starts

At Vendia, we know that examples and practical guides are a tremendous value when learning any new technology. Sharing data and code with Vendia is very easy, but applying new technology to your business cases may take some time and imagination. Our quick starts are designed to get accelerate your experience with Vendia Universal Applications (unis) and demonstrate what is possible when sharing data code across regions, accounts, clouds, and partners becomes easy.

Getting started for the first time?

These quick starts build upon your existing knowledge and introduce real-world use cases. After walking through these more involved quick starts you will understand some of the common problems easily addressed with Vendia Share and how to apply solutions to a growing list of realistic business use cases.

Shopping List Quick Start

You’ve been there…You make a shopping list and your family arrives at the store. You are running late so everyone takes part of the list. When you get home, you realize you have three gallons of milk instead of one and somehow forgot the mustard. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was shopping from the same list and progress could be reported in real-time? This quick start presents an exciting look at real-time multi-party data-sharing through a familiar model.

Product Catalog Quick Start

Looking to get started with Vendia Share? Give this quick start a go. In this example we’ll show how we can easily create an API-driven product catalog given a model of our data. We’ll look at native capabilities for defining complex types of data - like tags - and enforce the value of properties. Once we have our uni up and running we’ll query and update data in our catalog.

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Track and Trace Quick Start

Loss of product inventory is commonplace in supply chain and logistics management. Real-time access to data and code shared across parties, geographies, and technology stacks, opens a world of new possibilities when it comes to tracking goods and tracing problems with their movement. This quickstart explores this popular use case by demonstrating track and trace patterns across a set of parties like manufacturers, shippers, and retailers.

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Inventory Management Quick Start

Inventory visibility is critical for suppliers to manage inventories in their channels. A supplier that fails to do so risks high or low inventory stock events, missed sales opportunities, and customer disappointment. Knowing how much inventory is in a channel helps to mitigate these risks. This quick start demonstrates how multiple parties in an inventory channel can update and data in a consistent manner.

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